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Plant closure: drivers of the decision to close

Profitability and plant economics are key drivers of plant closure, but often need to be considered in a broader context than discounted cashflows.

Russian & LNG imports: a rebalancing act

Russian & LNG imports are reinforcing loss of seasonal flex from domestic gas production, inducing a rebalancing in the European market.

European production flex is declining fast

European gas production is set to fall from 252 to 150 bcma across 2017-2030, reducing supply flexibility & seasonality of production flows.

NW Europe’s flexible capacity crunch

NW European power markets may lose 70GW of dispatchable flexible power plants by 2025. This structural tightening is set to impact wholesale prices.

Will LNG bunkering transform the LNG market?

New emissions standards are driving strong growth in demand for LNG as a shipping fuel. But could this be transformational for global demand?

Gas market explodes into action

The NW European gas market exploded higher last week. The market responded well but a re-pricing of portfolio tail risk & supply flex will follow.

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