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Implications of UK capacity auction results

An 8 £/kW capacity price has major implications for the UK capacity mix, pricing dynamics and asset investment decisions.

Interpreting TTF implied volatility

The implied volatility of TTF options provides an insight into the evolution of gas price behaviour and risk.

Capturing UK gas peaker margin

Gas engines are dominating UK capacity build. But a merchant business model means understanding & quantifying the practicalities of margin capture is key.

USD points to higher commodity prices

The USD is an excellent barometer for commodity price strength and it’s pointing to a continuing uptrend in 2018. Economic data supports the case.

Hub pricing is already winning in Asia

The barriers to hub price penetration in the Asian LNG market are crumbling as trading liquidity & shorter term contracting grow.

UK capacity auctions set up stack transition

The two capacity auctions in Q1 will change the structure of the UK supply stack, peak pricing dynamics and margin capture for flexible assets.

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