Keep an eye on the US dollar, yields and inflation

| 21 Nov, 2016

Major trend changes in the US dollar and interest rates are combining with fundamental drivers to point to the way forward for commodity prices.

Asian demand response to lower LNG prices

| 14 Nov, 2016

Increases in LNG demand from Asian buyers in response to lower prices will play an important role in determining the length of the global LNG supply glut

Coal price dump and jump in animation

| 07 Nov, 2016

An animation of coal prices shows the recent spot price surge has left the coal forward curve in steep backwardation, a state unlikely to last long.

The UK’s battle for new capacity: peakers vs CCGTs

| 31 Oct, 2016

CCGTs and small peakers are competing to provide new capacity in the UK power market. A review of embedded generation benefits may determine the outcome.

Long term contracting to support asset financing

| 24 Oct, 2016

The financing of asset purchases is set to play an increasingly important role in determining transaction structures and prices. In today's article we explore the interaction between long term contracts and financing.

The impact of rising coal prices

| 17 Oct, 2016

As the sharp rally in coal prices continues, we look at its important implications for European gas and power markets and the future of coal plants

Gas rebalancing 2: the path to price recovery

| 10 Oct, 2016

The global gas market is likely to transition through three phases of price recovery, resulting in structural changes to gas pricing and contracting dynamics.

Gas rebalancing 1: Clearing the global gas glut

| 03 Oct, 2016

As oversupply intensifies, we look at the market mechanisms that can clear the current global gas glut, using a scenario projection to show market rebalancing.

Evidence of a 2016 recovery in gas price volatility

| 26 Sep, 2016

Implied volatility benchmarks from the traded prices of gas options suggest that there may be a recovery in European gas price volatility underway in 2016.

The impact of declining offshore wind costs

| 19 Sep, 2016

In this article we set out five factors to consider in relation to falling offshore wind costs and their impact on the evolution of European energy markets.