Market access contracts: 5 success factors

| 10 Apr, 2017

Market access contracts can be a powerful way for owners to reduce overheads and enhance asset returns. But there are a number of challenges to watch out for.

How higher coal prices support gas hub prices

| 03 Apr, 2017

Higher coal prices are acting to support European gas hub prices via driving the switching of gas for coal plants in Europe’s power markets.

Evolving trends in LNG contracting

| 27 Mar, 2017

The supply glut and evolution of LNG market players are combining to change the way LNG is being contracted. Negotiating power has shifted to the LNG buyers.

Power sector switching, gas hub prices & volatility

| 20 Mar, 2017

The recent recovery in European gas demand is being driven by the switching of CCGTs for coal plants. This is also supporting hub price levels & gas volatility.

US export flows, the supply glut and Europe

| 13 Mar, 2017

US export volumes are ramping up and cargo destinations provide a first indication of flow patterns. But dynamics are set to change as export volumes rise.

Contracting for market access via a 3rd party

| 06 Mar, 2017

A growing number of asset owners are outsourcing market access and commercial capabilities to 3rd party providers. But there are several pitfalls to navigate.

Relative pricing dynamics driving European gas hubs

| 27 Feb, 2017

Relative gas, oil & coal price dynamics have driven the evolution of the European gas market over the last year, e.g. contract prices & power sector gas demand.

Winter LNG spot price volatility

| 20 Feb, 2017

Asian LNG and Southern European hub prices surged this winter, opening a premium to Northern Europe. Is this evidence of an end to the LNG glut before it began?

UK power: will next winter be a repeat of this one?

| 13 Feb, 2017

UK power prices spiked as system stress set in this winter. But will the new EA capacity auction results act to dampen prices and volatility next winter?

Interconnector value & the cross-channel tug of war

| 06 Feb, 2017

It has been an explosive winter in European power markets. High prices, spikes and volatility are back. So is the extrinsic value of interconnector capacity.