About the blog

The Timera Energy Blog, like many misadventures, was conceived in a London pub. We launched the blog for several reasons:

  • We believe there is a limited supply of published analysis on value and risk in LNG and European energy markets.
  • We believe that the free flow of information and opinions, particularly in challenge to the consensus view, is an important driver of a well informed industry debate.
  • Most importantly we enjoy it! The blog is a way for us to engage in the industry debate and it helps us add structure to our viewpoints. We have found it is a lot easier to tell a story than to write and publish it!

The blog layout is different from the standard format. Our content is focused on feature articles where we aim to develop independent and insightful analysis. We conduct our own analysis and research applying a consistent set of principles. This takes time so we post once a week rather than daily.

Our aim with the blog is to engage an audience of industry professional: investors, asset managers, traders, risk managers and trade press. In order to do this we present our own views on topics such as asset values, market dynamics, risk factors and energy policy. We aim to focus on topics where there is a lack of industry consensus or where our views challenge industry consensus. We don’t claim to have all the answers but by publishing our analysis and opinions we aim to contribute to the industry debate.