The Timera Blog is about to evolve

| 17 Jul, 2017

Timera is launching a new blog page in Aug 2017. It will provide new forms of wrtitten & visual content as well as the regular weekly articles.

European gas supply sources: Norway

| 10 Jul, 2017

Norwegian gas production hit a record in 2016, servicing more than 20% of European demand. But the role of Norway is set to decline into next decade.

Practical view of Brexit impact on UK gas market

| 03 Jul, 2017

Exaggerated claims are circulating as to the impact of Brexit on the UK gas market. We aim to set out a more practical vision of Brexit implications.

European midstream gas infrastructure in focus

| 26 Jun, 2017

European midstream gas infrastructure is coming back into focus, driven by a changing supply mix dynamics and a recovery in demand.

Europe providing global gas supply flexibility

| 19 Jun, 2017

Europe has become the LNG market ‘swing provider’, given price responsive supply & demand, liquid hubs, regas headroom and flexible portfolios.

Options confronting gas storage owners

| 12 Jun, 2017

Analysis of storage asset economics shows that in a weak seasonal price spread environment, cushion gas value may drive owners to close or sell assets.

European gas for coal switching boundaries in 2017

| 05 Jun, 2017

Gas for coal plant switching drove a recovery in European gas demand in 2016. Forward fuel prices indicate further switching potential in 2017 and 2018.

UK peaker investment: here comes consolidation

| 29 May, 2017

Small engines have dominated new build in the UK capacity market. But peaker investment economics are changing triggering a consolidation of peaker developers.

Timera take on the Flame gas conference

| 22 May, 2017

The focus of the 2017 Flame conference highlighted several themes that are likely to dominate the evolution of business models, investment and market dynamics.

Germany’s replacement of baseload capacity with wind

| 15 May, 2017

Germany is rolling out renewable capacity at an impressive rate. But looming closures of thermal and nuclear plant may induce a capacity crunch in the 2020s.