Winter LNG spot price volatility

| 20 Feb, 2017

Asian LNG and Southern European hub prices surged this winter, opening a premium to Northern Europe. Is this evidence of an end to the LNG glut before it began?

UK power: will next winter be a repeat of this one?

| 13 Feb, 2017

UK power prices spiked as system stress set in this winter. But will the new EA capacity auction results act to dampen prices and volatility next winter?

Interconnector value & the cross-channel tug of war

| 06 Feb, 2017

It has been an explosive winter in European power markets. High prices, spikes and volatility are back. So is the extrinsic value of interconnector capacity.

5 surprises for 2017

| 30 Jan, 2017
Timera Energy

In today’s article we consider 5 surprises for 2017, covering: macro shocks, Asian LNG demand, asset transactions, capacity markets and gas supply flexibility.

The impact of LNG imports on hub price volatility

| 23 Jan, 2017

LNG imports are often presented as a source of flexibility that competes with storage to dampen spot price volatility. The practical reality is more complex.

Progressing up the mountain of LNG

| 16 Jan, 2017

Only 30% of the mountain of new LNG supply has so far been commissioned. LNG market evolution from 2017-20 will focus on how the remaining 70% is absorbed.

UK capacity market surprises again

| 09 Jan, 2017

The recent UK capacity auction was dominated by small scale peakers. But this may be an anomaly with the regulatory landscape shifting in favour of CCGTs.

Revisiting our 5 surprises for 2016

| 12 Dec, 2016
Timera Energy

On the 1st Feb we set out 5 events that could surprise energy markets in 2016. In our last article of the year we revisit these for a year end status check.

Volatility has a gas price anchor

| 05 Dec, 2016

As European gas price volatility continues to recover in 2016, we look at the impact of absolute price levels on the level of market volatility.

Global gas price convergence: state of play

| 28 Nov, 2016

Global gas prices have recovered sharply since Q2 2016. But this has not challenged the structural convergence in regional LNG prices.