Fuel for Thought – Apr 26th

27 Apr, 2012

Risk capital allocation: Today’s capital-constrained environment is driving energy companies to review their approach to allocating the capital required to support risk exposures.  Feature article… here (if you don’t have an Energy Risk subscription google ‘Energy firms rethink risk-capital allocation’ and follow the link)

A step closer to US LNG exports:  Cheniere’s Sabine Pass facility, the first to be granted a US export licence, is now becoming a reality… here

Shell walk away from offshore wind:  Shell have announced that they will not pursue any investment in offshore North Sea wind as they can not make the numbers work… here

Relative energy costs:   The sustainability of the divergence between different fuel costs (particularly oil vs natural gas) per unit of energy has become a raging debate in the US.  For some interesting charts see…here

European recession charts: If all seems OK again in Europe, there are some charts that suggest otherwise…here