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Evidence of a 2016 recovery in gas price volatility

Implied volatility benchmarks from the traded prices of gas options suggest that there may be a recovery in European gas price volatility underway in 2016. ...

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The impact of declining offshore wind costs

In this article we set out five factors to consider in relation to falling offshore wind costs and their impact on the evolution of European energy markets. ...


UK CCGT margins take off, coal plants bleed

2016 has seen a pronounced shift in favour of gas-fired generators. The flipside of this CCGT recovery is that UK coal plants are being driven out of merit. ...

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Continental generation margins: Gas is back

As European gas hub prices fall, CCGTs all over Europe are back in action this summer, with gas vs coal switching playing a key role in clearing surplus hub ...

Rough deliverability

Rough storage issues remain a structural threat

Loss of supply flexibility from the Rough storage facility remains a structural threat to the UK gas market and is likely to support gas price volatility.



French Carbon Price Floor

We consider the impact on power prices and generation margins of a carbon price floor implemented in France versus one implemented across European power mark ...

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