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Barometers for LNG market tightness

Our two favourite barometers for LNG market tightness are showing a mixed view of LNG market supply and demand balance.

Power price analysis: focus on what matters

Power price forecasts are driven by fuel price evolution, as illustrated by a UK case study. It makes sense to focus analytical effort accordingly.

How Russia can balance the global gas market

Russia is set to play a key role in balancing the global gas market in the early to mid 2020s given 100 bcma of existing shut in production capacity.

Investment in flexibility: gas peakers

A deconstruction of UK peaker economics illustrates how asset returns are becoming increasingly dependent on wholesale market margin.

Investment in flexibility: battery storage

Grid scale batteries are now being commercially deployed in big volumes. We look at UK battery investment as a case study of project challenges & economics.

The Timera Blog is about to evolve

Timera is launching a new blog page in Aug 2017. It will provide new forms of wrtitten & visual content as well as the regular weekly articles.

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Timera Energy is a specialist energy consultancy focused on flexible gas, LNG and power assets.

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