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Energy from waste investment in the UK

UK EfW asset ownership is consolidating as technology matures, capacity increases and a track record of financing is established. We look at the key value drive

European gas demand recovery: the comeback story

Gas demand across Europe recovered 52 bcma (11%) between 2014 and 2016. The recovery is continuing in 2017 driven by power sector switching and economic growth.

Flexibility investment: New UK CCGTs

The UK competitive landscape is moving in favour of new CCGTs, helped by evolving capital structures. But the CCGT investment case faces key challenges.

Barometers for LNG market tightness

Our two favourite barometers for LNG market tightness are showing a mixed view of LNG market supply and demand balance.

Power price analysis: focus on what matters

Power price forecasts are driven by fuel price evolution, as illustrated by a UK case study. It makes sense to focus analytical effort accordingly.

How Russia can balance the global gas market

Russia is set to play a key role in balancing the global gas market in the early to mid 2020s given 100 bcma of existing shut in production capacity.

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