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Volatility has a gas price anchor

As European gas price volatility continues to recover in 2016, we look at the impact of absolute price levels on the level of market volatility.


Global gas price convergence: state of play

Global gas prices have recovered sharply since Q2 2016. But this has not challenged the structural convergence in regional LNG prices.


Keep an eye on the US dollar, yields and inflation

Major trend changes in the US dollar and interest rates are combining with fundamental drivers to point to the way forward for commodity prices.

LNG vessel

Asian demand response to lower LNG prices

Increases in LNG demand from Asian buyers in response to lower prices will play an important role in determining the length of the global LNG supply glut

Coal, mine, power.

Coal price dump and jump in animation

An animation of coal prices shows the recent spot price surge has left the coal forward curve in steep backwardation, a state unlikely to last long.


The UK’s battle for new capacity: peakers vs CCGTs

CCGTs and small peakers are competing to provide new capacity in the UK power market. A review of embedded generation benefits may determine the outcome.

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